Pursued by Bear

What do David Lynch, Sex and the City, The Good Wife, and bears all have in common? Kyle MacLachlan. Kyle is an American actor well-known for his diverse roles in film and television shows such as Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, The Hidden, and many more. Now you can add “winemaker” to his long list of creative efforts. I recently tasted …

Felix - CWV Team MemberPursued by Bear

Thanksgiving Staff Picks 2014

Ryan:  2011 Avignonesi Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Full-bodied and silky-smooth with notes of blackberry, cassis, and black cherry. As this bottle opens up, flavors of mint and earth come out. Long smooth finish with spicy and leathery notes. This is perfect with turkey! 2012 Paumanok Late Harvest Riesling Affected by botrytis—the same type of noble rot that makes the great …

Chelsea Wine VaultThanksgiving Staff Picks 2014

The World’s Best Sommelier Wants to Tell You Something

We’ve been reading and hearing a lot about Aldo Sohm lately. In this Harper’s Bazaar article Sohm drops some gems of wisdom that we all agree with. Read the article here.

Chelsea Wine VaultThe World’s Best Sommelier Wants to Tell You Something
Wasmund's Barrel Kit

DIY Barrel Aged Cocktails, with Wasmund’s Barrel Kit

  Cocktail bars have been barrel-aging cocktails for years, now there’s a new do-it-yourself kit from Wasmund’s that includes a 2L oak barrel plus two bottles of unaged spirit, one single malt and one rye. That means that not only can you age your own spirits, but you can also age your own house cocktails. Aging takes How cool would it …

Chelsea Wine VaultDIY Barrel Aged Cocktails, with Wasmund’s Barrel Kit

Wings & Wine: Sunday Football Pairing Infographic

Wondering what wine to pair with your wings while you watch football? The folks down at have this infographic to help you:

Chelsea Wine VaultWings & Wine: Sunday Football Pairing Infographic

Long Island At Last

Recently my husband and I took a ride out to the North Fork for the day. We spent the day hopping from winery to winery then ended the day with dinner in Greenport. Having both lived here in the city for 3 years now and both being in the wine business its pretty sad that it took us this long …

Krista - CWV Team MemberLong Island At Last

Why Your Cheap Wine Doesn’t Need an Oak Bottle

The Original Oak Bottle is a new $80 gimmick that Thrillist claims makes your cheap wine taste like it cost up to $20. Thrillist, who also sell this bottle, did a step-by-step post on how to use the oak bottle, and included a taste test of the results. They say that it works, and well, yes, of course it does. It will impart …

Moriah - CWV Team MemberWhy Your Cheap Wine Doesn’t Need an Oak Bottle

Lifting Spirits

Assistant Spirits Buyer, Ryan Sacks, is pretty excited about two new products that just came in. Astoria Distilling Queens Courage Old Tom Gin – $44.99: Queens Courage is a New York Old Tom style gin that is lighter than Dutch genever, more full-bodied than London Dry, and has a natural subtle sweetness. Queens Courage is made with premium New York …

Chelsea Wine VaultLifting Spirits