Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey

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Wine Enthusiast - 90-95 points
"An intensely grainy bouquet. The palate entry is corny sweet and nearly honey-like; at midpalate the core flavor of sweet corn mash remains while tastes of buttered popcorn, brown sugar, and nougat expand. Finishes with a spurt of fire and lots of long, corny/grainy tastes. Should be part of every serious whiskey-lover’s collection."

Picture marshmallows on an open fire with roast pine nuts and vanilla bean. The dry oak on the palate flashes briefly before more chestnut sweetness appears alongside malted barley and light rye spice. Lightly oily in texture with a finish of honeycomb and baker's chocolate. Magnificently balanced.

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Made From: Corn, rye, malted barley

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